Quality of Life​
Without Compromise​

Impeccable in every aspect and equipped with outdoor amenities and attractions, Headwater Townhomes incorporates numerous outdoor amenities at your doorstep. Why compromise on your love of the outdoors when you can explore several outdoor amenities and share the same interests with people of like minds.

  • Urban Agriculture

    The urban gardening lot is positioned right next to the children’s playground so you can reward your kids by exploring the community’s garden.

  • Children's Playground

    It’s a beauty to behold your kids enjoying an interesting time, a good cheer, and what will become memorable moments in years to come. The community children’s play area is centrally located within the complex.

  • Picnic Area

    Since outdoor spaces are designed to be enjoyed with family, friends, and neighbours, we’ve equipped the public area with bistro tables so you can enjoy a swell time munching delicious grills with people you love the most.

  • Lush-green Lawn

    Sitting next to the picnic area, the lush green lawn found here is lovingly maintained and fastidious-manicured to appeal to your eyes. This great lawn not only beautifies the public area but also offers glimpses of mother nature’s beauty.


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